Students can choose from Teacher or self study English Grammar classes base on their need. Digital English Academy offers free self study English Grammar Class weekly as Grammar is the fundamental of English language. Our English Grammar lessons and tests covers form Beginners throw university and our expert teachers are always available to answer your questions.


Students first self study by reading English articular or short essay as many time as they want and them they answer questions. Students can also join the classroom or 1 on 1 to discuses the reading material as they hold cultural and historical references who ESL students may not be formalize as well as Digital English Academy online book club that to discuses the book of the month.


First students self study to master the fundamental of English writing by following our writing guide and test, they can choose their writing stale as English writing has many style  from school essay, letter to movie script. English students can also choose to receiver feed back from our  English classes with teacher

In our Free English Writing Class, we upload a short essay that need to be proofread and on the following we upload the correction.


To speak English first students have to listen, Digital English Academy has archive of English conversation in British or American accent for English self study. After you listen to each conversation asked to test their understanding by taking self test.  You can subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to view our free tapes and video tutorial we add our English culture or history references to our English listening tests.


At Self Study English pronunciation class we focus on academical was of pronunciation English word, phrases and sentences. After you are confidantes of your English pronunciation we ask you tape an reading of an articular for grading and feed back. Of course nothing can replace the feed back from our native speaking English teacher which you can maximize at any time


Speaking English is most rewording and program. One a week you can login to one of our ongoing to see the interaction in the classroom.

 you have to talk to our English Language specials and express yourself and make a connection. We start you a planned and organized program to help you to speed your progression before enroll  you to free talk or do a speech at begging of one of our webinar.

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